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TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, Git Hooks, and more

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In this article, we will set up the linter, formatter, talk about how to use git commit messages to generate a CHANGELOG, and set up git hooks to execute some tasks on git actions. But first, let’s clone the repository and recap what files we have so far.

At the…

Recommended community standards will help you maintain your package

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To see the standard files that GitHub recommends you to add to your project, you can go to insights and community. Here you see a checklist of items to go through.

Choosing a name, a license, a gitignore file

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In this article, we are going to go through the initialization of a GitHub repository. It is not complicated in itself to initialize a repository but GitHub has introduced a lot of new features, and new best practices they would love you to follow.

On the page to create a…

From choosing a license to creating a documentation website

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This post is an introduction to a new series about building npm packages with TypeScript. In the world of front-end development, it is inevitable to use npm packages. Npm packages are an essential part of Nodejs, it is one of its main strengths. But not all of those packages are…

The incentives for developers are to work on what’s best for their careers, even if it contradicts what’s best for the company

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A process every developer goes through.

Career growth is an essential element for a company — the ability for employees to go to the next step of their careers. …

I have been using Dvorak for more than three years and would not recommend it

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The origin of QWERTY has been the subject of a lot of discussions. One theory is that the letters were placed to make its users type slowly because of typewriters’ hardware limitations. And the most common combinations of letters in the English language are separated.

Here is a list of CSS build tools mentioned in the state of CSS 2020 survey

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FrontEnd development is evolving rapidly. And with it, CSS is getting interesting. New features such as logical properties, content-visibility have made their way into CSS recently.

The State of CSS 2020 survey has listed a few tools that developers know about and use regularly. …

And why you would use a library to do this task

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The 2020 State of CSS Survey had a section dedicated to utility libraries. In that section, the question was about the usage of StyleLint, PurgeCSS, and PurifyCSS. Two of those libraries are for removing unused CSS. …

A collection of resources to learn about the new features of CSS

The State of CSS survey is now over, and with so many new CSS features, you can easily be lost. Below are a compilation of resources to keep up to date with the layout features mentioned in the survey.


CSS Grid

CSS Grid is relatively new, and you might be unfamiliar with…

<virtual-scroller> is the native solution to create virtual list for the web

From Chrome Dev Summit 2018 (

The virtual-list concept has been well documented in mobile development but has not yet come natively to the web. Android developers are using it with RecyclerView, iOS developers with UITableView. …


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